Norwich City Football Club - Al & Val's We Meet Again

Episode 10 - Al & Val talk Norwich City and Southampton

November 07, 2021 Allan and Val Season 2 Episode 10
Norwich City Football Club - Al & Val's We Meet Again
Episode 10 - Al & Val talk Norwich City and Southampton
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This week is one of Norwich's oldest rivals and a club very similar to the Canaries - It's Southampton FC.

Plenty for Al & Val to get into including;

1) An early meeting - City's very first at a national level

2) Some high scoring encounters and a goal of the season

3) Club connections with goal-scoring machines Ron Davies and Mick Channon

4) Mr Southampton (Ted Bates) a Norfolk man

5) A last big night in front of the Barclay-end terrace - A game that had everything.

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Al (Allan Kemp) - Norwich geek and exiled fan
Val (Val Tolhurst) - Upper Barclay season ticketer and 'super' fan

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130 games and counting - This week its a club very similar to Norwich both on and off the pitch - it's Southampton FC
One of Val's all-time favourite players, Saints Legend Matt Le Tissier. So what would you prefer ? Club legend status or winning trophies
Last meetings and a couple of huge disappointments - The home game possibly the biggest in Al's 40 years following the Canaries
From Beccles to Southampton - An historic 1st meeting - 1905, Southern League, and a first step onto the national stage
Remembering some high scoring encounters including Bob Rosario's Goal of the Season
Two legends at both clubs - Goal scoring machines Ron Davies and Mick Channon. We give our thoughts on signing older players and why its rare to see superstars dropping down the leagues today
Mr Southampton and Mr Norwich - Ted Bates born in Norfolk while Ron Ashman makes his 662 and final appearance v Southampton
Famous names, 2 reds, a late equaliser and an extra-time winner - A dramatic game and one of the last in front of the Barclay End terrace
A meeting in the JTP cup and a League 1 clash that deserved a far bigger stage
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