Norwich City Football Club - Al & Val's We Meet Again

Episode 6 - Al & Val talk Norwich City and Burnley

September 26, 2021 Allan and Val Season 2 Episode 6
Norwich City Football Club - Al & Val's We Meet Again
Episode 6 - Al & Val talk Norwich City and Burnley
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This week the lads turn their attention to The Clarets of Burnley - We haven't met the founding Football League members much but there is still plenty for Al & Val to get their teeth into including; 1. Past meetings a post-Manchester City hangover and the day everything went wrong; 2. How fortunes can change so quickly in football as both NCFC and Burnley prove; 3. We explore the concept of yo-you clubs; 4. Famous triple debutants and the ruthless end of the Nigel Worthington era; and finally; 5. Two big player connections.

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Al (Allan Kemp) - Norwich geek and exiled fan
Val (Val Tolhurst) - Upper Barclay season ticketer and 'super' fan

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The lads can't ignore City's awful start - Even the optimistic Val is struggling
It's the last team you want to face when you up against it. An introduction to Burnley acknowledging their strengths under long-term gaffer Sean Dyche
Last meetings - A post Manchester City hangover and a lockdown disaster. Sandwiched between them is a rare FA Cup win at Turf Moor
Burnley champions as recently as 1959/60 but on the verge of dropping out of the Football League in 1986/87 - We talk how footballing fortunes can swing
Talking of 1986/87 we look back at a Hall of Famer for both clubs - It's Mike Phelan
Norwich up Burnley down, Burnley up Norwich down - A good opportunity to explore the concept of the yo-yo clubs
A few significant meetings, including a triple debutants and the end of the Worthington era
Another player connection - underwhelmed at Norwich, a record signing for Burnley - Its winger Robbie Brady
Score predictions - Time for some positivity